Cabin Crew

Ever wondered how it would be to travel the world and work in an office above the clouds? Ever wanted to experience crew life?

Aviation Academy Luxembourg SA in cooperation in cooperation with UAB Avion Express and SkyPeople UK provide Cabin Crew Initial Trainings, Cabin Crew Conversion Trainings and Aircraft Familiarization internships in order to become officially licensed flight attendant.


Initial and Conversion Training

Cabin Crew Initial Training:

Dangerous Goods Carrier Training

First Aid Training

Wet Drill

Fire and Smoke Training


Grooming Training

Public Announcements

Cabin Crew Conversion Training:

Security Training

First Aid Training

Crew Resource Management


A320 Door and Slide Training

A318 / A319 / A320 / A320 Familiarization

 The Familiarization Flights are the last part to be assessed in order to achieve your Cabin Crew license. It consists in the examination of the transfer of your theoretical gained knowledge onto your practical skills and abilities, checked and evaluated by an airline approved Senior Cabin Crew or Cabin Operations Manager.

After this, you will obtain your individual Flight Attendant License, with which you will be able to start flying as a recognized official crew member.