AirCargo Professional

Are you already working in logistics, aviation or industry? Or are you totally new on the field and look for new challenges sustained by worldwide valid diplomas?

Aviation Academy Luxembourg SA offers the AirCargo Professional training for routined as well as for people which are new in the branch.

From shipper to carrier and over airlines, you will be able to accede to each part of the logistic branch as the trainings offered will cover basics of aviation and the global supply chain as well as going further in details on the aviation part.

The trainees will follow a two phased program covering a three month theoretical part with achievement of exams and diplomas followed by a second phase through a three month internship with one of our partner companies.

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Aviation Academy Luxembourg SA offers AirCargo Professional programs for the following certificates and ratings:

  • IATA Diploma in Air Cargo

  • IATA Cargo Introductory Course

  • IATA Air Cargo Rating

  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Cat.6

  • IATA Live Animals Regulations

  • IATA Shipping Perishable Cargo/Temperature Sensitive Shipments

  • Build Up Palettes

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After successful achievement of the first theoretical phase of the training will start the three month internship. During this period, the trainee will learn to convert into practice all the information he could collect and learn during the first phase of the theoretical training. 

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