Air Cargo Professional

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The Aviation Academy of Luxembourg would like to offer you the opportunity to join or progress in the Air Cargo Logistics field.

The Air Cargo Industry is a great subject to learn, with many different types of jobs available.

This training will follow a two phased program covering a theoretical part followed by an Internship with one of our partner companies.

The diplomas along with all the other elements of the training, will provide a strong platform to integrate the Aviation Industry.

Your journey into Aviation starts here!


Aviation Academy Luxembourg SA offers AirCargo Professional programs for the following certificates and ratings:

    • IATA Diploma Air Cargo Introductory

    • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation Cat. 6

    • IATA Live Animal Regulations

    • IATA Shipping Perishable Cargo / Temperature Sensitive Shipments

    • Build Up / Weight and Balance


After successful achievement of the first theoretical phase of the training will start the three month internship. During this period, the trainee will learn to convert into practice all the information he/she could collect and learn during the first phase of the theoretical training.

Starting date

Coming Soon.

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