Travel and tourism

Travel with us to your future job

Build your leadership skills and industry knowledge with a combined focus from IATA.

What you will learn

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Create efficient travel itineraries and reservations using geography skills and standard industry coding

  • Advise customers about travel document and health requirements, travel insurance, transportation and tourism products and services

  • Price and ticket basic air itineraries

  • Lead and spark innovation, secure strong teams, and drive business success

  • Plan and manage business processes such as accounting and finance, writing business cases, measuring performance, coaching, marketing and customer loyalty.


Travel and Tourism products and services

  • The Travel and Tourism Industry

  • The Travel Professional

  • Geography in Travel Planning

  • Environmental Tourism

  • Travel Formalities – Documents, Health, Taxes, Insurances

  • Air fares, ticketing and GDS functionality

  • Air Transport Essentials

  • Transport – Rail (Train), Road (Car, Bus, Camper), Water (Cruise, Ferries), Air

LAR Life Animal

  • How to transport and respect what regulations with life animals?

Dangerous Goods Cat 15

  • General philosophy, Limitations, Labelling and marking, Recognition of undeclared dangerous goods, Provisions of passengers and crew, Emergency procedures

Lithium Batteries

  • All regulations to handle and transport Lithium Batteries in a safe way.

PER Perishable/Pharma

  • What are perishable goods and how to transport them to not perish.

  • What regulations must be respected to guaranty a safe transport for pharmaceutical equipment and medicine.

Galileo or Sabre or Amadeus

  • How to use the 3 most important reservation systems in travel business

Selection by category:

  • Managing Yourself

  • Managing Others

  • Managing the Business

Selection by role:

  • First-Time Manager

  • Mid-Level Manager

  • Senior Manager

Teaching methods

A small class of maximum 9 students

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